Fellowship Open


The Fellowship Open’s principal objective is to work and support organizations which are having a meaningful and demonstrable difference on the lives of the youngsters in the City of Milwaukee. In the eleven years that the Fellowship Open has been in existence, it has highlighted and contributed to organizations who are having a real impact on kids in the city.

The activities that the Fellowship Open have supported have affected literally thousands of youngsters in Milwaukee in all aspects of their development, including the arts, technology, job skills and job readiness. Each year a group of youngsters are invited to participate at the event and meet with the honorary chairs. In addition, a number of students are provided personal computers for their use and development.

The emphasis on technology is an important aspect of the mission of the Fellowship Open. The Fellowship Open has worked with the HR Boys & Girls Club project with youngsters between 13 and 17 and actually had those youngsters develop this website. So this website is the actual work of youngsters who have participated in the project. All of the youngsters who are involved are also given the opportunity to participate in a “soft skills” project which provides for them knowledge about job interviewing, job training and effective ways to operate in a work environment.